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The Iconic Line 

In 2007, Ingram was invited to make a series of drawings about iconic works in Knoll's furniture line. He focused on their elegant profiles and cut stencils of each one, a nod to the mechanical production and efficiency of the Modern period. Using these stencils, Ingram began his series of "Iconic Line Drawings," exploring modernist furniture by Mies van de Rohe, Eero Sarrinen and Warren Platner. He also used the stencils to make a series of etchings, which group multiple drawings on a single page. Later the series expanded to include iconic works of art such as Constantin Brancusi's "Bird in Flight" and his "Endless Column." Some of these remained simple line drawings, others turned into positive/negative studies that begin to reference the solidity of the forms from which they are derived. Ingram's love of materials surfaces here as well with the introduction of upholstery fabric and sheet rubber added to his favorite automotive paint and nail polish.

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