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San Francisco I-beams

so we spent last weekend in San Francisco and Napa Valley. had an amazing time. It was great to see SFMOMA again. it had been too long. great to see a concentration of California artists too. Bruce Connor, Wallace Berman, Baldessari, and of course Ruscha.

i found this massive pile of I-beams on the walk to dinner on Friday night. pretty impressive and quite inspirational. the wheels are turning already.

Napa Valley was great. saw some beautiful wineries, tasted some delicious bubbles and ate like a fool. it was so good. we also took in the Hess Collection it was nice to see a collection of Franz Gertsch prints. i forgot how large they were.

all in all a fantastic trip with great friends. i wasn't ready to come home just yet. but of course i have that pile of I-beams to work on.

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